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Annual Physical Exam: Your Checkup Checklist

“There is no such thing as a stupid question?” This expression is especially true regarding your health

10 Habits for a Happy and Healthy Life

Conscious or unconscious, habits shape how we live our lives.

Mindful Minute

Getting older means lots of changes to your physical health. However, it is just as important to consider your mental wellbeing as well.

Hearthstone wins the McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Gold Award

And the Gold Award for KISS (Keep It Super Simple) in the skilled care category goes to Hearthstone!

Health Education Resource Guide

The more proactive and knowledgeable you are, the better you can manage your health.

October is Health Information Month at Caraday

The building blocks for good health are being knowledgeable and proactive.

Engage at every age – The benefits of intergenerational relationships

The bond between multigenerational relationships isn’t just a one-say street

Fun facts about grandparents

Grandparents day falls on September 13th and is a day for celebrating the connections between different generations.

Communications technology helps grandparents stay connected

A simple how-to guide to get started 

Celebrating Grandparents & Elders All Month Long

September 13 is Grandparents Day!

Summer and Sun Safety Quiz

August is Summer and Sun Safety month at Caraday. Take this quick quiz to see how “sun savvy” you are.

Tips for Outdoor Sun Safety

Choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection. The sun emits both UVA and UVB rays which cause premature aging and sunburn.