Where to begin

What to Expect at Caraday

The very first thing you can expect when you enter any Caraday community is a compassionate, friendly face.  The spirit of Caraday Cares is in the heart of every team member and in our mission of caring for residents with a sense of pride and purpose.

Whether you are at Caraday for short-term recovery or long-term care, your care plan will include specialized medical treatment, a supportive and caring team, services that will make you feel at home, and a community cheering you on to live your best life.

Because each person comes to Caraday with unique needs and goals, the daily schedule and plan is different for everyone. But there are common features and benefits that you can expect.

What is a care team?

There is a full team collaborating and working on your recovery and care. Resident care is directed by an attending physician who sees residents within 72 hours of admission and ongoing as needed. A nurse practitioner who works with the attending physician will see short-term rehab residents on a weekly basis and as needed for long-term care residents. The care team also includes a staff of nurses, nursing assistants, and licensed therapists for daily care.

What type of rehabilitation services are provided?

Caraday has its own staff for physical, occupational, and speech therapy offered on site. Residents are seen by the different therapy disciplines during the day as outlined in their care plan. The team supports residents to work to the best of their abilities so that they can recover as fully and quickly as possible.

How are meals served?

Caraday’s culinary staff prepares three nutritious meals a day developed by a registered dietitian. Snacks are available as well. Meals generally consist of a main entrée selection, an alternative, and a la carte items such as soup and sandwich, salads, and other selections are available upon request. While residents are encouraged to enjoy their meals in their assigned dining room, some choose to eat in their rooms.

Are there any activities?

When residents are not working diligently on their care plan, they can rest in a comforting environment that feels like home. Every community has a life enrichment and activities coordinator who schedules social, recreational, and educational activities that are sure to satisfy any interest. A calendar is posted but we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

What if I need personal services like a haircut?

Our holistic approach includes making sure everyone looks good to feel good. In addition to hair care and personal care services, our staff is always available to help with anything you need.

Can I bring personal items?

Feeling at home means having some of your own things in your room. Please label all personal items with your name to ensure they do not become misplaced or lost. There are certain items that are not allowed in resident rooms per regulations, such as razors, electric blankets, space heaters, heating pads, and medications.

Are laundry services included?

Laundry services are included for each resident. Some families prefer to do laundry themselves – just alert the staff.

How can my family be involved?

Families and friends are invited to attend special events and participate in any activities, as well as be part of care planning meetings. Care plan meetings are held to review resident care regularly and can be scheduled more often as needed.

When can I have visitors?

Residents are encouraged to have families and friends visit. Visiting hours are generally between 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., but accommodations can be made for special circumstances.

Can I leave the building?

In most cases, residents may visit family or go on special outings. Check with your charge nurse if there are any circumstances under which you should not leave the community.

More detailed information will be provided once a resident selects their Caraday community, but these are some general considerations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to personally guide you through the admissions process.