Engineering Cleaner Environments for Senior Care

A key priority for Caraday Healthcare has always been creating a safe and healthy environment for living and healing. But the coronavirus pandemic has challenged all senior care communities to an unprecedented level.

Caraday is the first post-acute care community in Texas to purchase the most advanced technology to safely clean the air inside two communities – TLC West Nursing & Rehabilitation and Weston Inn Nursing & Rehabilitation, both in Temple.

“We fully embrace the responsibility of caring for our residents and team members, and even more during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Greg Moore, president of Caraday Healthcare. “To fulfill this obligation, Caraday has continued to invest in technology, equipment, and services that help protect its most vulnerable residents.”

Called the Needle Point Bi-Polar Air Ionization (NBPI), this highly effective technology artificially generates a high concentration of both positively and negatively charged ions (which naturally occur in the air) without generating an ozone byproduct. These ions travel through the air continuously seeking out. Surrounding, and inactivating harmful substances such as viruses, bacteria, airborne mold, volatile organic compounds, and allergens.

During testing, SARS-CoV-2 was exposed to needlepoint bipolar ionization for a period of 10, 15, and 30 minutes. Based on viral titrations it was determined that at 10 minutes 84.2% of the viral particles became inactive, at 15 minutes 92.6% of the viral particles became inactive, and at 30 minutes 99.4% of the viral particles became inactive.

Traditional methods to disinfect and sanitize are no longer effective in keeping up with infectious disease control. Caraday adopted a cutting-edge system that brings infection control to a new level of hospital-grade effectiveness and efficiency. The new e-mist sprayer and sanitizing solution thoroughly disinfects for such infectious strains as COVID, influenza, and SARS.

From the onset of COVID-19 Caraday adopted very proactive, data-driven plans to take every precautionary measure to ensure the safety of residents and staff in all 13 centers. Standard practices of frequent hand sanitization, face coverings and other PPE, and maintaining appropriate distances when possible will continue to be strictly enforced.

As one of the first communities to voluntarily limit visitation to protect our residents and team members, Caraday continues following guidelines issued by leading health organizations. Moving forward in managing this pandemic, Caraday will continue to be a model for reliable and informed communication for our patients, residents, families, team members, and the broader communities in which we serve.

For further information, visit our COVID-19 Resource Center.