Celebrate May

Showing you care to the people who care for you


Everyday, there is a team that has a single mission – to care for the residents at Caraday. These individuals share a commitment to creating an environment where residents can thrive and live their best life.  During the pandemic, they embraced the challenge faced by the world and worked even harder to ensure a safe and healthy community.  If you have been wondering how to acknowledge these team members and show your appreciation, there are some simple ways that are very meaningful.

A genuine “thank you”
The simplest show of appreciation is a sincere “thank you.” These two words go a long way in boosting people’s spirits and letting them know they’re appreciated. And, you can always say more and express specifically why you are so thankful.

A thank you card
Specifically writing out your gratitude and signing your name is a special touch to show how much you appreciate someone.  The card can be to an individual or to an entire community – the sentiment is fantastic either way.

Pass the compliment up

Sometimes being acknowledged by supervisors is an important boost.  Share your thoughts with the leadership team – they’ll be happy to know you were pleased and they can acknowledge the team member in a special way as well.

Write a testimonial
Testimonials and online reviews are important to a community in being recognized for the care they provide.  If you’re grateful for the care you and/or your loved one has received this is a great way to let everyone know.

Drop off some treats
While treats were off limits during the pandemic, they are always a delightful way to show you care. Find out about any restriction and then drop off or deliver baked goods, pizza, or savory treats. It doesn’t have to be edible either – a bouquet of flowers, gift certificate, or a hand-made craft are equally gracious.

Ask their supervisor
When at a loss, ask your favorite team member’s supervisor for ideas – maybe a donation in their name to a charity or something that can be enjoyed by the entire community.