Grandparents & Elders Monthly Theme September

Meaningful ways to celebrate Grandparent’s Day

Throughout history, society has benefited from older Americans who have helped shape our nation.  While we celebrate them daily, it is always important to show appreciation at all times, especially on Grandparent’s Day.

Consider some ideas to engage with elders and show that they are important in our lives:

  • Take a nature walk with the family and record the memories with pictures and video that can be revisited over time. Gather items on your nature walk and use it to make a shared craft project, such as a picture frame or scrapbook, to hold the gathered items along with photos from the walk.
  • A different approach to nature is participating in a Community Clean-up Day. Keeping the community clean, beautiful, and trash-free is a common goal everyone can get behind. Combine these two ideas and join a community clean-up day together.
  • Volunteer together as there are lots of ways different generations can work together. Besides joining a community clean-up day, you can also look for opportunities to help at a local food pantry, community kitchen, or animal shelter.
  • Read a good book together. Act out the story and make funny faces and voices to keep everyone laughing. Maybe it’s the start of a Family Book Club.
  • Take a tour of your hometown or some other place holding memories and talk about the buildings and events that are special to you and your family.
  • Make a recording – either audio or video – of your family, include stories of the generations, family jokes, and fun facts of the life well lived for all to remember in the future. What a great legacy to share.
  • Plant a tree together. Trees are often thought of as symbols of legacy. It’s why one of the nicest ways to honor a grandparent is to plant a tree together in their honor. As the young sapling grows into a full tree, it can become a lasting symbol of the connection between a grandchild and a senior loved one.
  • Enjoy a great conversation over lunch. Some restaurants and coffee shops offer discounts to intergenerational groups on Grandparent’s Day. Show your support for the restaurant’s recognition of Grandparent’s Day by enjoying lunch or coffee there with a senior loved one. Consider inviting their friends and make it a real party.