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Health Benefits of Love and Affection

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In light of American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day, start spreading the love and soaking up affections. Research shows that love and affection have physical and mental health benefits. Love really is good for the heart. Take a look at these surprising impacts love and affection has on health – it’s the Caraday Way!

Being able to be a part of the residents care and being that filler in for them when they need kindness and love.
Loreal Jefferson
Meadow Creek Nursing & Rehabilitation

Lower blood pressure

One study found that people who receive hugs from their loved ones had lower blood pressure, most likely due to increased oxytocin levels. Lower blood pressure can lead to a lower risk of heart disease, so give a hug and get a hug from your loved ones this heartfelt month.

Improved mood

Loving and affectionate interactions between friends, family members, and loves ones positively impact your mood. Not only do they boost your mood at the moment, but those good feelings can also last days. Be sure to spread the love by spending time with friends, and family members, hugging or sending encouraging and thoughtful messages.

Reduce stress

Love and affection can decrease the adverse effects of difficult or stressful situations. Feeling supported during challenging times can lower the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone produced in your body, and increase oxytocin.

Boosted immune system

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other physical or emotional conditions can often run down your immune system and make you more susceptible to a cold or illness. Love and affection are the immune boosts you need to reduce the risk of illness. Simple gestures like hugs, notes, and time spent together can boost your immune system and help improve your health.

Happier life

One of the most significant benefits of love and affection is joy. There is a strong link between love and happiness, and quality time with friends and family and loving interactions can increase overall satisfaction and joy in life.

Love and affection are powerful actions, and when expressed to others, they have incredible health benefits. Spread the love all month long to celebrate American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day!