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Four Quick Stress Facts You Need to Know

Stress! We all know the feeling. While it manifests itself in different ways – headaches, stomach aches, exhaustion, or overall tension – we have all felt it in one way or another.

Here are some fast facts that YOU need to know about stress.

Stress can be good – Sometimes

A little bit of stress can motivate you to get that assignment done or perform when you need to most. It may even be lifesaving in some situations. However, stress should never be debilitating.

Stress is sickening, literally

When you’re under stress, you are more susceptible to a variety of ailments ranging from headaches to insomnia to high blood pressure and heart disease. Three-quarters of adults experience symptoms of stress, including headache, tiredness, and sleeping problems. Learning to manage your stress is crucial not only to your happiness but also to your health.

Are you stressed? Here’s why.

The five leading causes of stress include

  • Financial problems
  • Work
  • The economy
  • Parenting and family responsibilities
  • Personal health

The U.S. States with the highest and lowest stress levels

Did you know that different states have different stress levels? The states with the highest levels of stress include:

  • Hawaii
  • Florida
  • California

And, drum roll – the states with the lowest stress include:

  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • Nebraska