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Creating a memorable – but safe and healthy – holiday season

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We are honored to care for our residents and share a passion to make their days enriching and fulfilling. It’s The Caraday Way!

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes on a new dimension when adding decisions and precautions related to senior health and safety. There are many things that elders should be mindful of, whether it’s inside the home or outside. Consider these points in creating a safe but memorable holiday.

Holiday decorations can be a wonderful way to uplift your mood, get you in the spirit of the season, and create a cozy and inviting home. But they also are a tripping hazard for elders. Consider simple decorations that don’t crowd and
allow for natural movement around the room.

Also, avoid keeping extension cords on the floor and discard objects that might cause a stumble.

Swap out candles with centerpieces of fruit, flowers, or similar items. You can even purchase LED or battery-powered candles to mimic the appearance of a real candle.

When you hang your holly, garland, and tinsel, don’t place them anywhere used for balance, such as a handrail.

Making sure you have appropriate lighting is essential, especially during dark winter months. This year, doublecheck that your lights are in working order, inside and out. Poorly lit doorways, rooms, and hallways can make it difficult for seniors to notice tripping hazards, especially if their eyesight is poor.

If you have a people-loving pet, consider buying a baby gate, so they don’t get underfoot when guests are visiting.

Children’s toys are fun but a tripping hazard. If you have young grandchildren with many toys, consider designating a specific room for them to play.

Christmas trees can be a hazard as well. That’s because both artificial and real trees can be a potential fire hazard.

Also, don’t forget to check the outside of your house! Make sure walkways, porches, and other areas are free of any obstacles and snow.

Be smart, be safe, and have what will certainly be a holiday to remember.