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Caraday of Corpus Christi Honors Distinguished Residents during Black History Month

To honor Black History Month, Dominique McGill, Activity Director of Caraday of Corpus Christi, planned an event celebrating hope, service, and legacy with the Caraday community. 

At the event, Caraday residents were treated to songs from Dominique’s heritage and many black veterans, including resident Robert Harper and his brother Robert, were recognized with an award. Administrator Ernest De La Garza was honored to help present the awards, and community leaders were also invited to speak.

The Harper brothers expressed gratitude for the acknowledgment, and they spoke of working in tobacco fields as children, learning valuable work ethic and responsibility. These skills propelled them to successful careers in the military and beyond. They credit their strong work ethic, instilled during their youth, for their achievements and hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

“This is pretty good to be acknowledged and accepted in the Caraday family,” said Mr. Harper, who trained combat soldiers during his military career. “This is what these programs are for, to help lead someone to a better life in the nursing home.”

Dominique couldn’t agree more. She plans a variety of activities for community residents each week. “I’m in charge of making everyone smile,” she commented. “I try to keep them involved, mentally, physically, and spiritually.”

Inspired by many Caraday residents, she enjoys hearing about their lives dedicated to honor and service. “Because of them, because they proved that they are able to do those things, it paved the way for us as upcoming leaders.”

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Watch the KRIS News TV segment here.

From left to right: Mr. Robert Harper, Activities Director Dominque McGill, and Administrator Ernest De La Garza.

Mr. Robert Harper, holding his Black History Month Community Award.