Another way of showing #CaradayCares

While the sun is shining and spring appears around the corner, the challenges that Caraday team members overcame during the Winter of 2021 storms cannot go unnoticed.

Left to right: Christina Gutierrez – LVN ADON, Danielle Ward – LVN, Yvette Chase – Central Supply
  • When operations were challenged because of power outages and unavailable water, Caraday team members stayed overnight at communities to be sure there was enough coverage to care for their residents.
  • When someone needed a ride to work, Caraday team members as well as their families were there to provide car services.
  • When food trucks could not get to communities, Caraday team members ran to local grocery stores for supplies.  And one or two Directors of Nursing even took to the stove to cook for their communities.
  • When linens needed to be laundered, Caraday communities that had power and water did laundry for other communities.
  • When communities had immediate maintenance needs, maintenance directors pitched in at communities other than their own wherever they could help.

And there are many more of these scenarios that exemplify the Caraday spirit.  As operations are restored after the unprecedented and far-reaching winter storms, a huge thank you to all the team members, their families, and our residents who embodied the Caraday spirit and did whatever it took to maintain operations in a caring environment.

That’s how we show that #CaradayCares.